Kanaklata Biodiversity Park : A Natural Paradise 20 kms from Mangaldoi

Hiding in plain sight in Kalaigaon, 20 kilometres from Mangaldoi, exists Kanaklata Biodiversity Park where hundreds of species of wild birds, small animals and reptiles have been taking shelter.

It was the desire of Freedom Fighter Late Pani Ram Das of Assam to establish Kanak Lata Das Biodiversity Park at Kalaigaon. He passed his matriculation examination under the British rule in India in 1937 with first division. But he did not join government service and started serving the villagers. He joined India’s freedom struggle in 1938 and was also jailed for years. After India attained independence in 1947, he never joined politics and started his social service for the welfare of the people from the villages in rural areas of Kalaigaon. He even refused invitation to join as a minister in the Assam cabinet after independence. He established Kalaigaon Sevashram Trust in 1950 working for the conservation of flora and fauna. Before his death in 2010, he donated a plot of 35 bighas of land for the establishment of Kanaklata Biodiversity Park in 2007. Now hundreds of species of wild birds, small animals and reptiles have been taking shelter in the park. Most common are wild ducks,cormorants, jungle fowls, partridges, monitor lizards and various species of snakes mostly cobras and banded kraits. The park is unique in the sense that it is very much raw and wild in nature. No road or sheds for visitors. Simply wild!

Source : Upamanyoo Das



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